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Julian Scutts

Interests in literary criticism, poetry and prose, history and religion, with a focus on works by Goethe, the Romantics, Robert Browning, Dylan Thomas, the legend of the Pied Piper in literature and history. Universities attended: University of London, University of Cologne and the University of Texas at Austin (Program in Comparative Literature). For more, insert name - Julian Scutts - in the search boxes provided by Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Excite, etc. I affirm that all articles posted by me on Home Highlight are my intellectual property and as such are subject to copyright law.

Articles by Julian Scutts:

  •   "Wandering" and "das Wandern" in English and German Poetry
  •   A Living Link Between Lord Byron and Robert Browning
  •   Background and Less Known Facts on Goethe's Most Famous Novel
  •   Between the Muse and the Unconscious - Goethe, a Poet in Crisis
  •   Did Godot Turn Up After All?
  •   For the Union Dead: by Robert Lowell
  •   From a Ripple on the Surface to the Hidden Depths
  •   Goethe's Wandrers Nachtlied in Longfellow's Translation
  •   Maugham's Religious and Mystical Concerns under a Cynical Fašade
  •   Myth and History in Geoge Eliot's Middlemarch
  •   Rabelais and the Grotesque in a Threefold Perspective
  •   The Ancient Mariner a Wanderer?
  •   The less than apparent implications of words in two poems written by Robert Browning
  •   Treatments of the Pied Piper in European Literature
  •   Wordsworth's Daffodils Reconsidered