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Asian Palmistry Concepts

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Explains what palmistry is and how it can help one in life.
Discussion of the five basic lines found on the human palm and numerous synbols.


Myrna Lou Goldbaum,

While a participant in a large convention in the Denver area a middle-aged woman approached my booth for a palm reading.

She said, " I was directed to come to you by my guides. I don't know why or what I'm supposed to do now, but I'm here. I don't know where I am in my life's work right now, or if I am on the right path. My relationship is causing my mind to whirl and my business structure is constantly in the change mode. What can you do to HELP?"

Key in her rambling conversation was the word "HELP". As a practicing Palmist over 50 years my main focus has always been to use my talent and abilities to help those who request a reading. I guide, encourage, straighten out thinking, and enlighten individuals.

I use Oriental Palmistry, one of the two most authentic types in the world, having been in existence since 3000 BC. There are numerous types of palmistry in existence. The most famous one is Hindu Indian.

The Oriental/Asian system involves five main areas:
Life line
Love line which includes the Soul Mate Symbol
Work lines

Numerous variations of those areas can be comprehended and detected by a palm reader. Interpretation of the lines exposes, reveals, uncovers and allows discovery.

A benefit of Palmistry is in being in touch with one's higher self, to connect to one's sacred self. Lines on a hand are the indicators of the major influences and movements in life.

I believe the hand is the mirror of the soul. I also believe our task in life is to discover who we are and be just that. By taking a journey into self one can discover empowerment.

In reading a palm specific information is gleaned about an individual where intense data can be uncovered. Deciphering markings and symbols displayed on the palm give one observations concerning health, longevity, romantic interests, soul mate connections, work opportunities, reproduction possibilities and the passage of time.

Our lives are in constant motion like a river or a stream, therefore the passage of time must be endured by everyone. Every moment of life is recorded on the human palm. Everyone reaches a time when decisions must be made, solutions found to problems, dilemma's faced and worked out. It is the timing one chooses that is crucial in taking the path in the right direction at the right time in love, work and play that is important. Every single line and symbol found in a hand can be studied.

Hands are the servants of the human system; all things that affect the system affect them too for they are the immediate servants of the brain. The human hand can express with gesture, ask, invoke, promise, dismiss, threaten, embrace, express fear, shows pity, joy and grief.

Miscellaneous symbols present on any given hand could include
the following:
"X" symbol
Star symbol
Teacher's Block
Poison line
Guardian Angels
Mystic Cross
Giving lines
Soul Mate/Old Soul
Reincarnation/Past Lives
Lessons Learned
New Beginnings


Karma is the universe encompassing all humanity. It produces a variety of vibrations, some worthy, some harmful. Humans radiate with vibrations that give clues to one's personality. In the realm of spirituality, both would know the existence of karma.

EXAMPLE: The energy field surrounding an individual would give off the vibration, the impression "I'm compassionate, you can come over and talk to me. Another might be "Get out of my face, I don't have time now."

SOUL MATES, when they find one another in this lifetime, feel a magnetic karma, their personal connection to each other. All SOUL MATES realize the spiritual connection they possess because they have returned to this world with more knowledge than those who are new beings. They bring with them all the goodness they have learned and acquired in other lifetimes and leave the badness, mistakes made in other times, behind them. They embark on a New Beginning and finish the business they began earlier in another lifetime.


I have been a palmist for 55 years, having begun at age
10. I have documented and kept journals for over 34,000
palms. I authored "MAY I SEE YOUR HAND? Palm Reading for Fun and Profit, SOUL MATE CONNECTIONS, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Relationships, Love, Romance and Soul Mates and "DIARY OF A PALM READER".

I produced and hosted a television show, "SOUL MATE CONNECTIONS" in April 2001. I am currently seeking syndication for this show with an Entertianment Agent in Hollywood.

Web site: www.myrnaloupalmistry.com hmg@privatei.com Phone: 303-666-8771

On www.womenofwonder.com I had a column under Spirituality titled, "ASK A PSYCHIC" that was in existence for over two years. I also freelanced articles on soul mates using palmistry for them. April 2001 I was chosen by Seventeen Magazine as the Palm Reader of the Month on www.palmreaderonline.com 1996 I was chosen as Woman of the Year at Louisville-Lafayette Chapter of American Business Women's Association.2005 I won both first and second prize for a national writing contest sponsored by CIPA, the Colorado Independent Publishers Assn.

I am well known nationally and internationally. My reputation is that of "The Love Psychic - Soul Mate Specialist". I have been a guest on radio and television numerous times throughout the US and have participated in over 250 metaphysical fairs. I teach, lecture, coach, and work as a matchmaker. I also work for several Entertainment Agencies.

55 years of reading palms,documented over 34,000 with an accuracy rate of 90-95%. Talked to people from 93 countries regarding their palms. Over 700,000 hits on the internet in 7 years.
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