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A Mary Kay Review - Does It Fit The MLM Business Model?

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For nearly 50 years, Mary Kay has been selling skin care products, cosmetics, and more. The company is well-known as having outstanding products and giving people the opportunity to have a viable home based business.

The manufacture and distribution of cosmetics, skin care solutions and more is what Mary Kay, Inc. is all about. This world-class company is well-known for its multi-level marketing (MLM) strategy to give everyone a chance to launch their own home-based business through the marketing and direct selling of Mary Kay products and solutions for financial success.

Company Profile

Mary Kay, Inc. is based in Dallas, Texas and has been in business starting in 1963. They are known for a product portfolio that includes skin care products, anti-aging solutions, cosmetics, and more. Today, Mary Kay has its own franchise in major cities around the globe and is gaining popularity despite the competition within the industry.

Mary Kay Products

Mary Kay has a broad variety of skin care, makeup, body lotions and fragrances. The diverse product lines, for example, Age-Fighting TimeWise® series, are designed to help women with their total beauty care requirements from gels to moisturizers to makeup. There are also three product lines for men: MKMen® Skin Care, Men's Fragrances and Mary Kay® Sun Care.

The company website offers you the opportunity to insert your own picture and create a virtual makeover. Providing direction on how to use their products effectively is a differentiating characteristic of the company.

MLM Strategy

MLM opportunity as the process for selling Mary Kay products has always been their strategy. Many Mary Kay competitors have suggested that the networking strategy for selling cosmetics is a scam. Nevertheless, it is a proven fact that network marketing is effective for selling their product line in spite of what others may say. MLM networking strategies are successful in various different industries including cosmetics.

The Mary Kay success stories are not solely reliant on product line. Success is directly related to the tireless effort and determination of Mary Kay representatives who are building their own home-based business through the avenues provided by the company, namely, marketing, education and other support for selling to the consumer directly.

Compensation Plan

Mary Kay uses the "stairway-breakaway" compensation plan. A member starts out with getting products from their sponsors using their own money and sells it off to consumers. Compensation is made by the sponsor at this juncture not by the member.

You earn points with each sale which increased your rank. As you move up the "stairway" and accumulating points along the way, you eventually "breakaway" from your sponsor and become one yourself to earn commissions that comes with every sale made by your members.

Becoming a Sponsor

You won't earn a quick profit when you become a sponsor. As a sponsor, you will need to build your own team. Your commissions grow as your team grows and produces. To sum it all up -- you won't achieve financial success through this home-based business scheme without your own downline that makes up the "stairway-breakaway" strategy.

Success with this MLM opportunity depends on recruitment. Despite the popularity of Mary Kay's product line, it is important that every member of your team is active in the direct selling and marketing business. It is important for each sponsor to ensure each of their downline is well-equipped when they start which includes providing them seminars, open-house tutorials on MLM and direct selling strategies.


Mary Kay has proven to be a viable mlm opportunity over time. As with all mlm opportunities an individual should understand that your success all lies on your ability to understand the home-based networking venture in order to successfully create their own team, marketing, and direct selling of Mary Kay products. Having a strong lead generation strategy is crucial.

To be truly successful with your Mary Kay business, check out our Mary Kay Review that will show you how to use a system that trains your new people how to market, get Network Marketing Leads, follow up with prospects, and enroll new distributors. It's amazing how a simple duplicable MLM system will get you on your way to big success with Mary Kay.
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