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Mandura Home Business: Know The Facts Before You Launch

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Mandura is a relatively new home-based business opportunity coming to market in 2008. The company has a quality nutritional drink which is being presented as a MLM opportunity. If this opportunity is for you, then improving your own health goes hand in hand with running your own sucessful MLM business.

"One Line, One Team, One Vision" is Mandura's motto. Unlike other MLM strategies, the company established a whole new networking plan that is designed to give each member a chance to earn commissions regardless of how you are became a member in the business.

Mandura Product Line

The Mandura product line is built on the health benefits of fruits as a health beverage. Four of the world's most potent fruits are used to make the drink: mangosteen, durian, acai berry and blueberry. The fruit beverages are preservative-free and highly nutritional. The long list of benefits attributed to each of these fruits include: energy boosters, dietary fiber for intestinal health, improvement of the immune system, improved skin, pain relief, bone loss prevention, lowering cholesterol and many more.

Weight loss, anti-aging qualities and proper doses of essential vitamins and nutrients are also known benefits of the Mandura elixir. You can even attain the US Food and Drug Administration's recommended daily serving of fruit by drinking the Mandura drinks.

Straight Line Down Scheme

You are not required to achieve a certain rankingin the company to earn commissions. Every member earns commission with every sale of the product line. As long as you are a member you have the chance to earn money.

Mandura calls each member as an Independent Business Owner (IBO). Obviously, you are required to become an IBO to earn money. Regardless of who enrolled you to the group, you fall directly under the line without any distinguishing rank whatsoever.

Payment Plan

As soon as you are an IBO, you can purchase Mandura products at a wholesale value and sell them to others at any price you desire. With every sale, you automatically get a commission.

Aside from individual sales, Mandura also gives the following compensation schemes:

1. Group Volume Bonus
2. Team Volume Bonus
3. Bulk Order Bonus

In order to take advantage of Group and Team Volume Bonuses, you need to meet their requirements first. IBO members can also earn additional monthly revenue by enrolling other IBO members using your Mandura IBO number. Income potential is directly linked to the number of IBOs you enroll and the volume of bottles sold by everyone in your group. There is no limit to this income-generating system.

How To Become An IBO

Selling product just as retail doesn't give you much of an income. Buying wholesale and selling at you own price will get you a tidy profit. But if you truly want to become successful with your membership in Mandura, then you need to recruit at least 5 people that will join your team.

Remember, however, that this is a MLM business structure we are talking about. Recruiting just about anyone without properly gauging their determination over the business will not result in great success. You really want all member of your team to be as committed as you are selling Mandura products. Again, you will reap the rewards through their own success.

It is crucial that you have a system in place to generate quality leads, train your downline, follow up on prospects and sign up new members to your team.

To be truly successful with your Mandura business, you need a system that trains your new people how to market, generate Network Marketing leads, follow up with prospects, and enroll new distributors. It's amazing how a simple duplicable MLM system will get you on your way to success with Mandura.
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