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Monetizing Your Future: Build Your Own List

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Your own email list is a great investment in your future. If you're not collecting names and emails from the targeted traffic coming to your website, the time to start is now.

Why is building your own list so important? Because it gives you a base of prospects that you can use time and again - customers who want your business expertise, like what you say in your blogs, appreciate your articles and spread word of mouth to others.

That, by the way, is one thing we tend to forget in the Internet age. Satisfied customers tell others. So if they're satisfied by what they've found out about you on the web, they'll pass the word.

I've read many blogs and articles because I've been told that I shouldn't miss this person's blog or that article. That way I become a regular subscriber or reader on that website, likely purchasing products because I trust what I've been told.

However - you have to capture these prospects in order to build your list.

So many websites don't have landing pages that are compelling enough for a prospect to think - well I got to this page but now I'm not sure whether I want to do business with this company -and even if I wanted to I don't see a place where I can sign up for a newsletter, or email tips, or free downloads to help my business.

Your job in wanting to build your own list is to provide an appealing and powerful landing page complete with email capture that tells your prospect that by signing up to your list, they're making an investment in their business through the advice that you have to offer, and the products or services you sell.

Here's the point. There is no value whatever in having thousands of visits from highly targeted traffic coming to your website if you're not prepared to take advantage of it.

By building that list you are able to send out information on your latest products, or new services you offer, in a very cost-effective manner. These are people who want to know about your business, who want your advice - and now they're getting it faster than the rest of the market, thanks to being on your list.

If you're wondering whether you have the skills to produce a great landing page featuring a powerful headline, copy that draws in the customer and SEO keywords that are picked up by the search engines, take a look at a variety of websites. Do their landing pages appeal to you? When you find those that do, ask yourself if your company has the ability or the time to produce pages of similar quality?

If you don't believe that you can, or you simply don't have time, use experts. A great landing page with automatic name and email capture will help you build a list of potential customers and prospects that you wouldn't be able to produce yourself.

A great list is your investment in the future.

My Ultimate Gold Rush wants to help your business make money. We've a solid education in Internet Marketing Tools and how to use them effectively. That includes great landing pages with automatic email capture.

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