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How to clean a faucet aerator

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Cleaning a faucet aerator is one of the most common basic tasks that need to be done now and then.

Cleaning a faucet aerator is one of the most common basic tasks that need to be done now and then. The necessity of doing this becomes evident once some symptoms, such as weak water pressure or water coming out in odd directions appear, and many times this starts happening so slowly and progressively that we do not realize of the problem until the faucet aerator is very dirty.

In order to clean a faucet aerator you do not need to turn the water supply off, although it is recommendable that the drain in which you will work is closed, since you will have to handle small parts and otherwise you could loose them. You should unscrew the tip of the faucet carefully, making sure you don't loose any of its parts.

Once the aerator is removed, make sure you remember how the different small parts that came out with it were placed, or screwing them back might become difficult. Wash and clean all the pieces that came out since most of them might be dirty and have rust. If any of the parts becomes too difficult to be cleaned, you should soak them in white vinegar for about five minutes and then try to remove the dirt with a small brush or a toothbrush.

Also, a pin or a similar tool can be very useful for cleaning some of the parts of the faucet aerator. You might have to work with patience and paying attention to small details, but it shouldn't take very long and after the work is done it is rewarding to see how the water comes much more powerful and better directed than before.

After making sure everything is as clean as possible, you will be ready to order the parts as they were and screw the aerator back into its original place. Tighten it with your hand as good as possible and then check for any leaks. If you find water leaking from its sides, it will need to be screwed tighter. You can use pliers to unscrew or screw the faucet aerator if necessary.

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