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How to insulate an attic

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Insulating an attic can be of great help when willing to acclimatize a house as good as possible.

Insulating an attic can be of great help when willing to acclimatize a house as good as possible. A house with an insulated attic helps you preventing extreme temperatures from having an important impact in the house, and therefore the temperature is even and easier to maintain as desired in every different moment of the year.

Before you start insulating the attic, you should make sure you count with all the necessary tools and elements as well as with eye protection, gloves, and a dust mask. Also, before you start, you should keep in mind that it is important to avoid insulating on any ceiling electrical fixtures or fans, so once you start plan your work avoiding those areas.

Once you are ready to start insulating the attic, you should first make sure that the vapor barrier is correctly in place and facing towards the inner side of the house, do not start with the insulation until you are sure of this. Next, you should proceed to install baffles in all the areas where you need the insulation to be held back.

In those areas where roof rafters and ceiling joists meet, you should insert a polystyrene baffle, making sure every bay is covered. In order to make sure the baffles stay in place, you might need to staple them. Make sure to leave the areas that surround electrical fixtures free and uncovered, if possible mark the area around them with baffles making a retaining wall that is at least 3" or 4" from every fixture.

Measure each section and lay a piece of fiberglass insulation in place. In case you will place an attic floor after the insulation, you should lay other layer, but this time without a vapor barrier. If you feel uncertain on how to do this or how to follow any step for this work, you should ask a professional for help. Insulating an attic properly can be trickier than it seems, and many times each specific attic requires specific steps and procedures which only a professional who has seen it and inspected it can recommend.

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