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Article Marketing - Long Term, No Cost Traffic!

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Building long term, "No Cost" traffic to your site with article marketing.

Article Marketing seems to be all the rage these days. By doing it you can get
traffic to a site of your choice for some time. looking for

I am amazed more people are not doing this.

The theory is: an artcle is written and submitted to article directories and traffic is generated from said article. That is it in it's simplest form.
Yes, there is a little more to it than just that.

The foremost impression to writing articles for building traffic to your site is for the
“Backlink”. If you have not heard this expression it is just a link in the article
when clicked on will take the reader to the page you selected. Creating hundreds or even thousands of backlinks
and you increase your status with search engines.

Article Marketing is like writing for Gold. (Free Gold) The only investment
is your time.

You may be looking at this and thinking, I wouldn't know where to begin. Where would I start? I was never writer.

You are not going to have to write a novel. You do not have to write on a
MENSA level to do well in this arena.

Alright, so how many articles/backlinks do you need to get to page one of say

It would be safe to say more than the other person. That phraze being very simple at most, but with careful selection of keywords used in the articles this too can help you get the desired effect.

Let us say you want the number 1 page of Yahoo Search. All you do is come in with 200 backlinks for the same keywords and yes
you will bump him/her down a peg or two. Then wait for the traffic to start rolling in.

Keep an eye out to see if someone eles does not sneak into your place. Do you have a better understanding at this time?

So now we get to another aspect of Article Marketing, Duplication. You really want to avoid doing the exact copy for each directory.

Hey just write a new article for each directory. RIGHT... Well, you could, and as you know that could take a very long time.Is there a solution to this delema you ask?

You bet your sweet Bippy! (throw-back phrase from Laugh-in)

Hit "Submit" and your article is on hundreds of article directories. With duplication being what you are looking to receive a solution for these products may not offer the best solution.

A "Spin" feature is common anong other products. submission thus taking care of
the duplication problem.

There are packages that offer to register with many directories at the push of a button.
Begining to see a theme here? Atomated functionality.

With so many selections which is the right one for you? I have researched quite a few of these so called article writing packages. I have to say none have all the functions of the one I use today.

How about I quit talking and reveal it to you now? You will not have to worry about others taking advantage of this offer.

An exceedingly low number of you will see the real value of this software. Maybe 3 out of 100 will actually even try it.

This is so sad, wouldn't you agree? This may be hard to think as being fate but it's true.

Canges made to your advantage can be had. Watch for additional items coming soon.

Seek (more info.) and you will find (it here). > http://clixtrac.com/goto/?11767

Your Friend and fellow Marketer,

Eric Hendrix
Skype: eric-hendrix
Article Source: www.homehighlight.org
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