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UFO Landings in Big Cities

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I have heard it said a thousand times: "I won't believe in UFOs as alien spacecraft until one lands in the middle of a large city!" Would you be surprised to know that it's already happened at least twice?

I have heard it said a thousand times: "I won't believe in UFOs as alien spacecraft until one lands in the middle of a large city!" Would you be surprised to know that it's already happened at least twice? Let's begin with a landing in New York City which took place in March of 1989.

Queens is one of the five Boroughs of New York City. It's located on Long Island and connected to Manhattan Island, which is what most people think of as New York City, by bridges and tunnels used by vehicles and mass transit. Kissena Park is located in the Flushing part of Queens, just off the Long Island Expressway.

The park is a large open area that includes a lake and hosts lots of recreational activities. It's surrounded by houses, buildings, businesses and tens of thousands of people. A bus route runs along 164th Street and affords a fabulous view of the lake. On March 9. 1989, a group of Seniors were among the passengers on the northbound Q65 bus returning from bingo at a Flushing health facility around 9 pm. As Kissena Lake came into full view, the bus driver and passengers noticed an object glowing and moving slowly near the ground on the opposite side of the lake from their position.

The bus driver pulled over thinking this might be some sort of a helicopter or small plane making an emergency landing in the park. He had a radio on board and could easily report the incident. Despite the fact that no one could believe what they were seeing, the object was clearly a glowing disc-shaped craft that gently hovered about the ground. Turning off the bus engine to listen for noise, no one heard anything but the sound of nearby cars rushing by.

Once everyone saw what the object was, denial set in. The bus driver told everyone to be seated, started the bus and drove off continuing his route. But the Seniors were concerned. After arriving home, one of them called me. As someone who has been researching paranormal events for many years, the media occasionally took an interest in my work. It was my good luck that a local newspaper had just ran an article about me in the past weekend's edition and published my hotline number for reporting UFO Sightings or other strange events.

Because I was already out investigating another sighting, I didn't get the message until very late that night. I called the female witness early the next day and headed over to see her. She agreed to accompany me to the park and point out everything that happened. We were both surprised to find the park filled with NYC Police! The scene of the sighting was unavailable until later in the day.

When we finally got a look at it, we found a circular area of dead grass that was about fifteen feet in diameter. In some areas of the circle we found some odd material that was very sharp. I asked Ted Benitt, a professor in the Physical Sciences Department at Nassau Community College on Long Island, to examine the material. He felt it had been super-heated in some way and through some process he had never seen before. In still other parts of the circle it seemed as though the ground had been drained of all moisture and almost crystallized.

A nearby tree which witnesses said had been touched by the object started dying just on one side (the side the object had touched) and nearby old style outside metal lamps that lighted a walkway around the lake were unusually magnetized compared to any others in the park. Several smaller and less affected circular areas of dead grass appeared later giving us the idea of some sort of a delayed affect on the grass. As if trying to cover the incident up, park officials tried planting grass over the circles several times, but it always died. A few months after the event they dug up most of the area and replaced the top soil.

After spending a week investigating the incident, I decided to write a press release to find out if any other people had seen the object. The Associated Press picked up the release and the story went international. Although a bit more publicity then I had planned on or wanted, we did find a number of additional witnesses. I had held back some small details about the sighting as a litmus test for witness credibility.

As the investigation progressed, it became apparent that UFOs had been seen over that area for some time and definitely on the night in question. Credible witnesses included police officers, airline pilots and an air traffic controller. Even years after that event, in 1999-2000, there were a number of UFO sightings in the immediate area of the park and just beyond. In 2002 a number of pilots flying into LaGuardia Airport reported radar contact with an unknown object.

Not to be out done, Russian experienced a similar event later in 1989. Tass, the official Russian news agency, reported that on September 27, 1989 a strange craft was seen by boys playing soccer at a park in Voronezh, a Russian City of 900,000 people. The object landed, tall creatures came out and seemed to threaten the boys who ran away. While the teens were the only ones to see the creatures, the object was seen by thousands of other people in the area. Some trace physical evidence was said to have been found, but that part of the investigation was quickly hushed up. Interestingly enough, this and other events later caused the Russian Federation to announce that they believe Aliens exist and that some UFOs are objects of extra-terrestrial origin.

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