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Psychics - The Fact's From Fiction Part 2

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What do you really know about psychics and psychic readings? You should research prior to obtaining a reading with a psychic.

Mistake : All readers are psychics.
Truth : Some readers are not psychic, and not every psychic is a reader! Your physical fitness instructor, doctor. or local storekeeper may perhaps be a psychic who decides not to be a psychic reader. Being a psychic simply entails you having a heightened sense (a sixth-sense). Non-Psychic readers may just have knowledge of an ancient tools or divination methods and interpret result but that doesn't necessarily allow them to take intuitive leaps in providing the information reaped from tarot, star gazing, numerology, Iching etc. Psychic sentience on the other hand may include: Clairvoyance (clear seeing) Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (actually feeling). Psychics tune into the "cosmos or a spiritual guide" (short-circuiting the need for using tarot cards) etc. They pick up psychically and interpret the answers relaying them to questioner. Readers who are not psychic, examine a system of rules and render the results but might not be as precise as a born psychic who doesn't engage such techniques.

Mistake : Psychic's and Mediums shouldn't charge for what their service as it's a spiritual gift.
Truth : Master psychics extend a worthy service from which you'll benefit when you receive a psychic reading. Although it may be a gift, a lot of people have gifts: sportsmen, chefs, actors, surgeons etc. and no one would callupon them to use their gifts without them receiving payment. We inhabit a society that compels us to have and expend money to live, a psychic needs to earn a living as they've bills to pay like everyone else. If they don't work as a reader, then they're wasting a talent and that doesn't add up as logical for many. About embodying spirituality, even vicars, monks and like-minded 'spiritual' people of numerous faith's are financially renumerated.

Mistake : All psychic or reader knows the past, present, and future and is a Medium.
Truth : Psychics or readers don't all have the equal abilities. Some could be Mediums, some might be Clairvoyants and some can use their to instruct your reading with Psychometry.

Mistake : A reading is set in stone.
Truth : The majority of professional readers believe in a combination of freewill and fate. Freewill allows you the 'choice' to alter the course of your life at any time if you want. Fate is something that just befalls you sometimes and there's meagre chance of actually getting around it. A psychics business is to help you transit your destiny and either navigate the smoothest course through or to help you convert issues to your advantage. You will be fortified with new incite after a psychic consultation and may resolve to make a modification to your your present path, so no reader is always totally accurate because you decide to reset your path and apply free will to make changes, so your course and life path could alter to.

Mistake : Badgering a psychic or trying to them will acertain a psychic's real.
Truth: a psychic this way won't prove their genuine but will induce confusion. Doing this may entirely distort your reading, you could deter the psychic and never actually get a reading as psychic's generally know if you're being purposely difficult or reciting deliberate lies or falsifying facts.

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