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What is Uppercase Living And Is It A Good Quality MLM Business A Review

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Uppercase Living is a somewhat new marketing opportunity. This company offers a unique take on home decorating, called 'expressions'. You can buy the products with the points you get as compensation for your efforts.

If you are looking for a relatively new business marketing opportunity, Uppercase Living is a advantageous alternative to investigate The company began in 2006 and is geared towards providing creative concepts to help homeowners turn their drab home into a reflection of their own style.

But before you plunge into the Uppercase Living offer, it is certanly advisable to learn more about the company first to see if this is something that appeals to you.

Company Profile

As an alternative for spending thousands of dollars on remodeling or new furniture, the creative decors and home improvement mediums offered by Uppercase Living help you style your home just the way you want for a much lesser price.

The company displays its creations and offers through events called Open Houses. Decors and home improvement solutions are displayed during these events and you sell them on the spot. Also, these Open Houses are considered to be fun events as you would expect at parties.

Uppercase Living Products

The company's products center around decorative mediums called expressions -- which come in the form of pictures that can be easily applied on walls, wood blocks, and the likes. Other than pictures, you can also incorporate texts and heartwarming phrases into your bedroom, kitchen, den, and living room to embed your own personality to your home.

Skills For The Business

If you want to earn through Uppercase Living products then you need to become a demonstrator. Unlike a distributor or a direct sales consultant, the goal here is to utilize your home to host an Open House event, invite people over, socialize, and more importantly, show off the product for them to see and even make sales if you demonstrate the offer just right.

The beauty of the decors speak for themselves, you don't have to become a direct sales person. You are demonstrating the decors by inviting guests, hosting parties, socializing and of course, telling your guests about the 'expressions' you have used in your home.

Compensation Plan

Understanding how the company operates is important but you are also interested in how you can earn through their offers. Free Product Amounts, similar to gift coupons, help you purchase the decorative products you want from Uppercase Living; there are also half-off bonus discounts.

You earn your Free Product amount according to how big a sale you make during the Open House event. Minimum of $200 gets you $20 and over $1,500 is $200 with 4 items from their Half-off catalog. The website has a good chart to show how this works. You get started by finding an Uppercase Living Demonstrator to host your first Open House event at your home to help you become a demonstrator yourself.


Uppercase Living is not the customary mlm opportunity. It does not depend much on direct selling; but relies more on your capability to socialize. That's right; invite your friends, families, work and officemates to your home during an Open House event and have fun. Demonstrate the products during the course of the event and earn your freebies along the way.

To be truly successful with your Uppercase Living business, you need a system that trains your new people how to market, get MLM leads, follow up with prospects, and enroll new distributors. It's amazing how a simple duplicable MLM system will get you on your way to success with Uppercase Living.
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